In Field Flexibility: Series DPT Multi-Range Differential Pressure Transmitter

Sensocon, Inc., a leading manufacturer of differential pressure, air velocity, and flow products, announces the new Series DPT Multi-Range Differential Pressure Transmitter.  The Series DPT was created to provide convenience for those who need it in the field.  This product is available with several field selectable ranges including ranges down to 0.1 inches w.c.  For additional flexibility, all units come standard with jumper selectable outputs for 4-20 mA or 0-10 V and unit selection.  The Series DPT is able to be ordered with a backlit LCD option used for viewing the status locally.  An additional option available for order is the automatic zero option.  With this option the differential pressure transmitter will perform its own zero point maintenance, leaving little to no maintenance needing to be done by the user.

With building automation and the HVAC industry in mind, this product was designed for monitoring building pressure, static pressure, differential pressure, or air velocity and flow.  Additional uses for this product include monitoring filter status, duct static pressure, fan or blower pressure, paint booths, and dust collectors, along with many others.

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