Newly Added Features For The Siren Airflow Alarm May Be Just What You Need

Siren Air Flow Alarm

Even with the success that the Siren Air Flow Alarm has had, we at Sensocon have been thinking of ways to make our alarms even more convenient and accommodating for our customers.  This past year we started off by making available a power cord extension for those customers who need the additional distance from a power outlet.  Realizing we wanted to reach more people, we have also added Type C and Type G power adapters to our available options for our customers outside the US.   And if that wasn’t enough, we now offer the ability to purchase probes with cable lengths to fit your specific needed length, meaning that you can measure your airflow nearly anywhere and still have the Siren in a convenient location for you or your customers.


If you aren’t yet familiar with the Siren, it is an airflow alarm that provides visual and audible indications for decreases in airflow.  This alarm allows you to either calibrate the point at which you want the alarm to sound or can be calibrated to alarm when the airflow drops below 80% of the calibrated operational pressure.


The Siren was developed and designed early on to be more accommodating, easier to set up, and easier to use than those that have been on the market.  It offers multiple mounting options, different color indication based on the status of the alarm, and an extremely quick calibration process.  Even with the all of these conveniences, we like to give our customers as many options as possible to help fit your specific needs, which is why we have presented to you the additional offerings mentioned above.


The Siren Air Flow Alarm is just one of many quality products brought to you by Sensocon.  For more information on the Siren you can visit this page.  If you have questions or suggestions about the Siren or any other Sensocon products, you can email us at or call us at 863-248-2800.