The Advantages of Upgrading Your Dust Collector to a Pulse-On-Demand System

Pulse-jet baghouse dust collectors rely on high pressure bursts of air to clean the bag filters.  This cleaning process is highly important when it comes to the efficiency of the baghouse.  In many circumstances the cleaning cycle of a baghouse is manually initiated based on a schedule or personal observation.  In upgrading to a pulse-on-demand system, the cleaning can be initiated automatically based on the differential pressure across the filters of the baghouse.


Installing a Sensocon® Series A4 Digital Differential Pressure Control is a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade to a pulse-on-demand system.  The Series A4 can continuously monitor the baghouse by measuring the pressure between the clean and dirty sides of the filter.  Based on the set points determined by the user, the Sensocon® Series A4 Digital Differential Pressure Control will automatically initiate the cleaning cycle.  With the Series A4, the user can not only determine which pressure will initiate the cleaning cycle, but also which pressure will stop the cleaning cycle.  With easy installation and the ability to be either panel mounted or surface mounted, the Series A4 Digital Differential Pressure Control is the ideal and inexpensive solution for upgrading your baghouse dust collector to a pulse-on-demand system.


Additional benefits of upgrading to a pulse-on-demand system with the Sensocon® Series A4 Digital Differential Pressure Control:

  • More functionality, better accuracy, and more precise control compared to mechanical differential pressure gauges or switch gages
  • Helps optimize bag filter efficiency and increases the operating life of the filters
  • Reduces the operating and maintenance cost of the system through optimized filter use and energy savings
  • Reduced compressed air requirements

Other product features of the Sensocon® Series A4 Digital Differential Pressure Controls includes:

  • User friendly program design allows parameters to be digitally set for precise control
  • Additional relay can be used for high and low alarm or as another set point control
  • Time delay parameter allows the user to add a time delay to the set point to prevent the system from initiating an unnecessary cleaning cycle
  • User selectable engineering units
  • Optional 4-20 mA output