Digital Differential Pressure Gauges: Customizing for Use in Negative Pressure Cleanrooms

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

Sensocon, Inc. offers a variety of options for its mechanical and digital differential pressure gauges, including creating custom gauges based on customer requirements. Recently Sensocon was approached with the task of creating a custom gauge based on the Series A2 Digital Differential Pressure Gauge to be used in negative pressure clean rooms. The main objectives were to modify the LED process arch to operate in a zero center orientation, to indicate when the cleanroom is in an acceptable range, and also to indicate if the room pressure goes positive. Based around the customer’s needs, a program was created to adjust the gauge to read zero centered. The program also allows the process arch’s LED lights to progress from center. Since the gauge is designed for a negative pressure cleanroom, as the gauge begins to read more negative, the process arch gradually increases the amount of green LED lights being displayed. If the gauge starts to read positive, the process arch gradually lights up its yellow LEDs followed by red LEDs to indicate that the room is moving farther from the negative pressure desired.


Sensocon has taken on many customization projects including custom overlays, custom scales, custom programming, and even product design. You can find more information on some of the customization options that Sensocon has to offer by visiting the custom products page here. You can find more information on our Series A Digital Differential Pressure Gauges as well as the entire Sensocon product line by visiting