Updated Accessories from Sensocon, Inc.


Sensocon, Inc., a leader in differential pressure, air velocity, and flow products has now updated its website to include Sensocon’s entire accessory offering.  This offering contains a large number of accessories for the Series A Digital Differential Pressure Gauges and the S2000 Differential Pressure Gauges.  Accessories worth noting are the additional mounting options for both the Series A and S2000 gauges.  The A-101 Weather Proof Cover is not only designed to protect the Series A gauges from the elements, but can also be used as a surface mount for the gauges.  The A-010 Cable Gland makes an excellent addition to the weather proof cover, helping to connect and protect the wiring of the gauge even further.  The S2000 offers two additional mounting options of its own through the A-103 Surface Mounting Plate and the A-102 L-Bracket.  The A-103 allows the user to attach an S2000 gauge to most surfaces near the area being measured.  The A-102 allows the S2000 to be hung from a location and also allows for mobile use of the gauge.


Additional accessories include: an air filter gauge kit, a brass static pressure tip, a static pressure sensor, shut off valves, a 90° fitting, a multi-probe connector, and a power adapter extension cable.  All of the mentioned accessories can be found on the accessories page of the Sensocon website.  You can find more information on these accessories as well as the entire Sensocon product line by visiting www.sensocon.com.