NEW Siren™ Air Flow Alarm, brought to you by Sensocon, Inc.

Siren Air Flow Alarm

Sensocon, Inc., a leading manufacturer of differential pressure, air velocity, and flow products, announces the new Series AFA SirenTM Air Flow Alarm.  The SirenTM is an air flow monitor designed to provide high visibility indication through its vibrant LED bars which alert you to decreases in air flow.  These high visibility LED bars are backed by a clear audible alarm and relay output to assist in alerting you to decreases in air flow.  The SirenTM was created for Class II Biosafety Cabinets (BSC) in order to fulfill the exhaust air flow alarm requirement of NSF/ANSI Standard 49.  The alarm can also be used in other hood applications that require air flow to be monitored.  Regardless of how you choose to use it, the 2% repeatability of the SirenTM will ensure a consistent and reliable performance to keep you informed of your air flow status.  Its quick installation process will also save time and hassle that typical installations bring.

Each SirenTM unit comes standard with a night set back option, two mounting options, and includes a pluggable terminal block for night set back, relay, and power connection should it be required instead of the standard power adapter.  For more information regarding the Siren, please visit:


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