Make Our Gauges Your Own: Customization Options Available

We at Sensocon, Inc. realize that appearance and customizing can be useful tools when promoting a brand.  Sensocon, Inc. offers multiple options for helping our customers take their appearance one step further.  One option to consider is the bezel appearance of your Sensocon® Series S2000 Differential Pressure Gauges.  Beyond the standard color grey, our bezels are available in Blue, Red, White, and Black.

For those considering adding a more personal touch, Sensocon, Inc. offers the ability to customize your gauges.  Our Series S-5000 can be made with custom logos and company information.  The Series S2000 gauges allow for display of custom logos and color scales to give indication of a specific variable status.  Sensocon, Inc. also provides the option for a complete color modification of our Series A Digital Differential Pressure Gauge overlays to match product color scheme.  No matter which design option you choose, Sensocon, Inc. will work with you to meet your branding needs.

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