Differential Pressure Gauges for Isolation Rooms

Differential Pressure Gauges from Sensocon can be used to ensure that CDC negative pressure requirements for airborne infection isolation rooms are met. Series S2000 Series A1 Series A2 Series A4 With recent developments, health care facilities from hospitals to assisted living communities are working diligently to take steps to prepare for what is already here … Continue Reading »

Differential Pressure Gauge for Filters

Differential pressure gauges such as the Sensocon S2000, are used in a variety of applications across many industries.  One such application is the monitoring of differential pressure across a filter.  As air flows through a filter, dust and particulates accumulate on that filter.  This accumulation causes pressure to build up within an HVAC unit or … Continue Reading »

How a Differential Pressure Gauge Works

Are you curious about how differential pressure gauges work? Well it’s good for you to know that differential pressure gauges are an important part of a wide variety of applications including dust collection, cleanroom monitoring, pneumatic conveying, air handling, filter monitoring, and many others. These applications all rely on accurate pressure readings to indicate the … Continue Reading »

How to Set Up a Differential Pressure Gauge

Differential Pressure Gauge Setup

The Series S2000 is a versatile gauge when it comes to measuring low air pressure ranges.  From measuring positive static pressure of a duct, to negative pressure of a cleanroom, to differential pressure across an air filter, the S2000 is the ideal pressure measuring instrument when needing visual indications for low pressure applications.   Every … Continue Reading »