Differential Pressure Gauge for Filters

Differential pressure gauges such as the Sensocon S2000, are used in a variety of applications across many industries.  One such application is the monitoring of differential pressure across a filter.  As air flows through a filter, dust and particulates accumulate on that filter.  This accumulation causes pressure to build up within an HVAC unit or … Continue Reading »

How a Differential Pressure Gauge Works

Are you curious about how differential pressure gauges work? Well it’s good for you to know that differential pressure gauges are an important part of a wide variety of applications including dust collection, cleanroom monitoring, pneumatic conveying, air handling, filter monitoring, and many others. These applications all rely on accurate pressure readings to indicate the … Continue Reading »

How to Set Up a Differential Pressure Gauge

Differential Pressure Gauge Setup

The Series S2000 is a versatile gauge when it comes to measuring low air pressure ranges.  From measuring positive static pressure of a duct, to negative pressure of a cleanroom, to differential pressure across an air filter, the S2000 is the ideal pressure measuring instrument when needing visual indications for low pressure applications.   Every … Continue Reading »

Digital Differential Pressure Gauges: Customizing for Use in Negative Pressure Cleanrooms

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

Sensocon, Inc. offers a variety of options for its mechanical and digital differential pressure gauges, including creating custom gauges based on customer requirements. Recently Sensocon was approached with the task of creating a custom gauge based on the Series A2 Digital Differential Pressure Gauge to be used in negative pressure clean rooms. The main objectives were … Continue Reading »