Series VTP - Air Velocity Transmitter

Differential Pressure, Air Velocity and Flow


Series VTP - Air Velocity Transmitter

Multi-Range Air Velocity / Temperature / Pressure Transmitter

The Series VTP Multi Range Air Velocity Transmitter can simultaneously display and output Air Velocity, Temperature and Pressure (optional). This is the first product to combine all 3 variables in one transmitter making the VTP an exceptional option for multi-variable measuring. The VTP utilizes an industrial 316 Stainless Steel armored RTD sensor as the thermal air velocity measuring component. Using a fully protected 316 SS sensor drastically extends the life of the air velocity sensor and also makes it insensitive to water, dust or corrosion. The VTP comes standard with a LCD and can simultaneously display air velocity, temperature, and pressure.

The VTP is easily configured or adjusted in the field with the digital display and keypad. The Air Velocity Range and Pressure Range are both field adjustable as well as units of measure. Other adjustable parameters include signal dampening and low velocity cut off point. The VTP Air Velocity Transmitter can also be configured to measure and totalize flow in CFM or M3/h by entering the duct area where the measurement is taken.

Installation of the VTP Air Velocity Transmitter is easy with the adjustable depth, removable flange. The standard product includes an integral design, but is also available with a remote mounted probe to accommodate any application

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Air and compatible, non-combustible gases
Velocity: Min. 0 to 200 FPM (0-1 m/s) Max. 0 to 4000 FPM (0-20 m/s)
Pressure: Min 0 to 0.1" w.c. (0-25 Pa) Max. 0 to 10" w.c. (0-3 kPa)
Temperature: 14 to 122° F (-10 to 50° C) or optional -4 to 257° F (-20 to 125° C)
Air Velocity: 3% F.S. optional 1% F.S.
Pressure: 1% F.S.
Temperature: +/- 1.8° F (1° C)
Independent 4-20 mA output for air velocity, temperature, and optional pressure
Power Supply:
24 VDC +/-20%
Response Time:
3 seconds
Adjustable 3 to 30 seconds
Enclosure Rating:
NEMA 4 (IP 65)
Sensor: 316 SS
Probe: 316 SS
Housing: 304 SS
Max Pressure:
14.5 PSI (100 kPa)
Electrical Connection:
12" multiconductor cable
Remote Mount Option:
Includes transmitter mounting bracket and Hirschmann connectors on sensor and transmitter, and 9 foot cable.
Agency Approvals:
Environmental Temperature:
14 to 122° F (-10 to 50° C)

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