Custom Differential Pressure Products

Differential Pressure, Air Velocity and Flow


Custom Differential Pressure Products

We at Sensocon, Inc. realize that appearance and customizing can be useful tools when promoting a brand. Sensocon offers multiple options for helping our customers take their products to the next level. We offer customization for our Series S2000 Differential Pressure Gauges, our Series S-5000 Differential Pressure Gauges, and our Digital Differential Pressure Gauges. Below are the options currently available through Sensocon, Inc.

Series S2000

Custom bezels beyond the typical color grey include; White, Blue, Black, and Red

S2000 custom logos and color scaled to give indication of a specific variable status

Series S-5000

Add your company logo and information to the Series S-5000 gauges

Series A Digital Gauges

Complete color modification to match product color scheme for Series A gauges

Sensocon, Inc. is an expert in differential pressure measurement and will consider any customization of differential pressure products from private labeling to custom software to complete redesigns. Each customization request is evaluated based on the required level of customization and desired quantity. Please call customer service to discuss your needs.

Sensocon® Products include products for measuring differential pressure, air velocity, and airflow. For more information on Sensocon® Products including differential pressure gauges, digital differential pressure gauges and controls, differential pressure transmitters, airflow probes, airflow stations, air velocity transmitters, or airflow monitors request a catalog today.